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4 Fun and Amazing Ways to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

It has long been established that dogs are intelligent animals, and in addition to rigorous physical exertion, they also need to be mentally stimulated.

Getting your dog involved in physical activities is easy, but most owners fall short of ideas when it comes to mental stimulation. To help you keep your dog emotionally and physically healthy, we are sharing several ways you can keep your dog mentally stimulated. Let’s get started:

1. Involve Your Dog in your Day-to-Day Life

Most pet owners fear that their dogs might get in their way or create disturbance if they go about running errands with them. The truth is, you’d be surprised how deeply involved they’d become in the activity and even help you several times.

Begin by taking your dog on a quick run to the grocery store. Make sure the stay is short and quick in the beginning. Use this opportunity to teach them something new, such as wait or stay. Once you get out of the store, reward them with a treat or a pet. While your dog is waiting, the daily rush of life outside the store will provide your dog with plenty of stimulants. The same goes for a mailbox run or taking your dog to the car wash. The novel activities all around them are plenty stimulating for your furry pet.

2. Food Hunt

This one is simple and can happen on the go. Just take a couple of empty containers, which could be shoe boxes, plastic containers, etc. Place several of them on the floor, and under one of them, put a treat. When you bring your dog to the room, say a word to start the hunt. As soon as you do, watch your dog use their super nose to work and find the treat.

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3. Teach Your Dog Some Names

Don’t underestimate your dog’s intelligence; many of them can recognize stuff around the house by their name. You just need to teach them and challenge their minds. The activity is simple but will provide enough mental stimulation to your dog. Play with one toy at a time and call its name as often as possible. Keep repeating until the dog began to develop the association. Make sure to praise and treat every time your pup gets it right. Keep at it until your dog can recognize most stuff around the house by its name.

4. Play Hide & Seek

If you are too tired or busy to do any of the above, a little game of hide & seek for half an hour will do enough to stimulate your dog’s mind. When your dog is busy, hide. After a while, the dog will start looking for you.

Use these fun activities to keep your dog mentally busy and watch as your dog becomes the most behaved and intelligent pup before your eyes.



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