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Behaviors that Make Dogs More Aggressive and in Need of Dog Behavior Training Winchester, VA

When it comes to man’s best friend, there is no greater feeling than to know that your dog is always there for you and loves you unconditionally. A dog is happy to sit by your side no matter what you are doing because he knows that his very presence makes your life that much better. When you provide dogs the food, water, shelter, toys, and love that they need, they will offer you their companionship, support, and tail wags for their entire lives.

Unfortunately, some dogs are more aggressive than others, and sometimes that aggression is directed at you, your family, visitors, or other dogs and pets. There are various types of aggression that all have unique behavioral causes, so it is integral that you are able to figure out what motivates your dog to act aggressively and then determine if dog behavior training will be beneficial.

At Ridgeside K9 in Winchester, VA, we are happy to offer several different training classes designed to meet the needs of the dog and the schedules of the dog owners. With aggressive actions, it may be best to start a dog’s training with one-on-one dog training class to ensure that the dog will not be distracted or aggravated by any other pets. We offer day, weekend, and night dog training classes to fit your schedule.

Once the behavior is controllable through private lessons, our experienced dog trainers can then move the dog to group training classes for dog obedience training, depending on his progress. In group classes, the dog can learn more basic commands and continue to get positive reinforcement for positive behaviors as well as basic obedience training, potty training, on-leash or off-leash walking, and more.

Aggressive Behaviors which Require Dog Training

In general, dogs will not be immediately aggressive when they are puppies. Usually, some type of catalyst draws out the aggression or teaches the dog to be aggressive. For a dog to have a healthy life and to be the best dogs they can be for their pet parents, it is integral that aggressive behaviors are stopped and treated as soon as possible by the best dog trainers in the area, such as ours at Ridgeside K9 in Winchester, VA.

All dogs will react differently to various situations. Certain dogs may recoil in fear or apprehension in a given situation, while others will begin to display signs of aggression. It all depends on the dog’s exposure to a certain circumstance, their inherent instincts of how to react, and how they were taught (or not) to deal with the situation. Some of the most common types of aggression found in any kind of younger or older dog include:

  • Conflict-related
  • Fear-related
  • Possessive aggression
  • Territorial
  • Maternal
  • Play-related
  • Re-directed
  • Pain-induced
  • Interdog aggression
  • Aggression toward people (familiar or unfamiliar)
  • Status-related
  • Medical-related
  • Learned aggression

When you contact a skilled and experienced dog trainer to provide you assistance with your dog training needs as they relate to aggressive behavior, the first thing that will need to be discussed is the type of aggression that the dog displays. Training will not be able to start and have a positive outcome unless the dog trainer first knows what they are dealing with.

Once the reason for the aggression can be determined, the specific dog training classes that will meet your dog’s needs can begin. Dog trainers will also give you a prognosis of the dog’s aggression. Basically, will it be possible to correct the behavior through intensive dog obedience training in Winchester so that you can have a safer, better relationship with your furry friend.

What Can Be Done in Aggressive Dog Obedience Training Classes?

The type of programs that will need to be used as a part of the training will depend on the kind of behavior that your dog is displaying. If the bad behavior is related to protecting the dog’s territory, then the treatment which focuses on overcoming fear will not be effective. That dog will need to learn how to deal with other dogs or people coming into his territory. It is essential for the dog’s well-being and its owners that the training services used are specifically oriented to the dog and its type of aggression.

Start Early with Puppy Training

As with everything with dogs and their behavioral training, it is important, to begin with puppy training in Winchester, VA. If you are able to bring your puppy in to begin his obedience training from a very young age, you can work to ensure that he does not learn any bad behavior and that you develop a strong bond with your pup that will last well into the future.

At Ridgeside K9 in Winchester, VA, our expert dog trainers are here to train dogs of any age, from young pups to well-seasoned seniors. We believe it is never too early or too late for a dog to learn how to behave properly. A good dog trainer is what will truly make the difference. To learn more about our aggressive dog training classes or enroll your puppy in our group classes, call Ridgeside K9 today!

Contact Us to Discuss Your Dog Training Needs in Winchester, VA

If you are a dog owner struggling with your dog’s aggressive behavior, contact Ridgeside K9 today. We are happy to discuss our dog behavior training process for you, help you understand the common personality traits associated with your dog’s breed, and to show you how good dog training basics can work to instill confidence in you and your dog.

We are dedicated to helping dog owners of all types connect better with their furry friends and have the best possible relationship. Contact Ridgeside K9 today to learn more about our methods and how to get your dog’s barking or other unwanted actions under control.



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