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Ridgeside K9 Aquatic Center

Improve Strength & Tone!

Once your dog has been taught how to swim, and more importantly how to get out of the pool; swimming can become not only fun for your dog but also addicting. Therefore the reward is doubled by having something your dog enjoys, while getting the best attributes from swimming. The resistance of water makes it more difficult for your dog to move verses the normal walking or running on land, therefore giving them the opportunity to work harder for shorter durations of time.

Indoor Heated Dog Pool.

Your loved one is appropriately supervised and encouraged while he/she is guided through the tailored session. During these sessions, goals based upon his or her unique health history will be what the handler and dog are attempting to accomplish. Hydro-Therapy is Ridgeside K9’s hands on swim session allowing your loved one to reap the benefits of Hydro-Therapy under the watchful guidance of a professional.

Hydrotherapy For Your Dog.

Come enjoy our 51,000 gallon 24/7 indoor pool at Winchester, VA. Hydro-Therapy is a tailored private, one on one session with the handler and dog specifically designed to meet the needs of your dog. Hydro-Therapy is widely utilized to assist our canine companions when injuries have them sidelined from normal exercise. Resistance of the water allows for dogs to exercise without the concussive effects of running or walking on the ground.

Getting your dog comfortable enough to enjoy a leisurely paddle is no different than training any other landlocked task. Repetitions, Repetitions, Repetitions is the name of the game. Let Ridgeside K9 Aquatic Center assist you in preparing for your outing, from getting your dog use to the kayak, positioning, retrieval, and safety. There are plenty of training nuances when it comes to a kayak or paddleboard, adding water to the mix is where it gets really tricky. Water current, sharp rocks, cold water, other people on the water are just a few of the nuisance’s that can make or break your first outing.

Canine sports like IPO, IGA, and dock diving are becoming more popular than ever. Work life, home life, and weather can influence our ability to keep our canine athletes in peak condition for their sport. According to Dr Arleigh Reynolds, a Veterinary Surgeon & Canine Physiologist, 1 minute of swimming is roughly equivalent to 4 minutes of running! However, swimming doesn’t just benefit our high drive working lines. Our lovable, cuddly, and sometimes overweight pet dogs can also maximize the benefits from swimming. Read more.

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Thank you for reaching out in reference to our brand new Ridgeside K9 Aquatic Center! We are happy to be able to provide this service for you and your dog. 

Right now, we are only offering Open Swim sessions. Open Swim sessions provide you with a 30 minute time slot solely dedicated to you. It will be $50 for the 30 minute slot. You will not be booked at the same time as another client. This session does not come with an instructor. If you are looking for a session with an instructor, we will be offering this later on. 

To get signed up for a time slot, you will need to register your dog with the facility using the link below. If you are already registered with Ridgeside K9 Winchester, you will not need to register for a second time. 

Once you have completed registration, you will need to review/e-sign the rules and waiver agreements prior to scheduling a time slot. 

To schedule, you will need to click “Request Services” and select “Open Swim Session”. Be sure that you have selected “Ridgeside K9 Daycare/Aquatic Center” in the top drop-down menu when requesting a time slot.  Once you have selected a time slot, you will be prompted to pre-pay. All clients must be pre-paid and have a completed waiver prior to checking in for your swim time. 

Available Options: 

  • Swim Sessions – Private or Group
  • Paddleboard, Kayak, Canoe Intro Class
  • And much more!