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A Dog Trainers Perspective on Basic Obedience Training

Pet parenthood comes with a lot of fun and excitement. But it also comes with a wide variety of responsibilities. These responsibilities are what make life more interesting and fun in Winchester, VA. It is the fact that you can teach an old dog new tricks or the fact that your new puppy will be more respectful if you take the right actions that make the whole thing more interesting and fun.

The fact is that you are stepping into another chapter in your life in Winchester, VA, and you can lean in wholeheartedly to this amazing part of your journey.

What kind of responsibilities do pet parents have to think about in the Winchester, VA area?

One of such responsibilities is to provide obedience training for your dog.

This might seem like a hassle you can avoid, but you shouldn’t. If you don’t train your dog, you could be putting it at risk and also endangering the safety of others.

This guide will discuss why basic obedience training is essential and give you a few pointers to set you in the right direction. Remember that this part of the journey does not have to be stressful and tiresome.

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Why Obedience Training in Winchester, VA?

Dog obedience training basically helps you train your dog to interact well within their environment. It is the only way to provide structure for your dog and train them to be obedient and follow commands.

The best dog trainers will take the time out with the right dog training classes and ensure that your dog is headed in the right direction.

If you are looking for group classes, private lessons, and general dog obedience training methods, reach out to our professional dog trainers at Ridgeside K9 Winchester today.

We are happy to provide dog training and conduct behavior modification over time.

The Importance Of Basic Obedience Training In Dogs

Basic obedience training can be the deciding factor in helping your dog avoid dangers, deepen your relationship with your dog and ensure the safety of others. Indeed, obedience training affects many different parties, as these positive behaviors add significant value to you and those seeking to interact with your well-behaved dog.

Here are some other reasons to consider:

  • Control your dog’s impulses: Although dogs are generally intuitive animals, there are times when their impulses can cause harm to themselves, other dogs, and other humans. Training your dog will help you prevent your dog from acting out on any harmful impulses.
  • Peace of mind: You can be in many discomforts if your dog regularly embarrasses you. This can be by harassing strangers and even your guests, refusing to eat, eating harmful substances, and exhibiting antisocial behaviors such as biting and barking. These can be prevented or reduced to a minimum by training your dog.
  • Desensitization: Dogs react differently to stimuli such as honking, noises from the streets, the presence of other dogs, and approaches from children and strangers. Training your dog will ensure your dog overcomes any fear, plays with children, and interacts well with well-meaning strangers.
  • Protect others: If you regularly take your dogs on walks and in public places, you should give your dog obedience training first. This will ensure your dog doesn’t threaten or attack other people or pets.
  • Remove unwanted behaviors: If you are getting your dog from a shelter, there are certain behaviors you might not want in a pet. You might not like how the dog relates to you, others, or other animals. Obedience training will help your dog adapt to your lifestyle and preference.

If you want to establish desired behaviors in your younger or older dog, work with our team at Ridgeside K9 Winchester in VA today!

Tips On How To Train Your Dog

Training your dog is very easy. For starters, the American Kennel Club recommends that you teach your dog these five basic commands:

  • Teach Your Dog to Come When Called
  • Teach Your Dog Loose-Leash Walking
  • Teach Your Dog Sit
  • Teach Your Dog Down
  • Teach Your Dog Stay

These form the foundation for teaching your dog new behaviors, commands, and regulating other behaviors.

You can start these training sessions as soon as the dog is a few months old. Even if your dog is coming from a shelter, you will need to brush up on these commands.

Once your dog has mastered these sets of commands, you can move on to other commands.
Your dog’s training can start simple and become more complex over time. We are happy to show you how you can modify your dog’s behavior with the right dog training classes.

Do You Need To Hire A Professional Dog Trainer?

Generally speaking, you will need a professional to ensure you have the best experience in training your puppy. Your dog should be able to pick up these commands as long as you devote a portion of each day to dropping your dog off at the training facility and stay consistent with the training.

Indeed, many people do not have the time or resources to conduct their puppy training on their own. They have to go to work, school, or attend other activities. That is why, in many cases, we recommend that you get a trainer.

Inconsistent training sessions can do more harm than good. You need to train your dog regularly for the commands to stick.

In our experience, many pet owners do not know how to apply positive reinforcement to ensure their dogs take to their training. If you don’t enforce the training, your dog might not take to them. It will also set a bad precedent that can affect other training sessions.

While this might not be a bother when the dog is young, an untrained dog can cause you many issues in the future.

Dogs need all the help they can get in adapting to a new environment. If you get the few months of training right, things will generally go smoothly for you and your pet.

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