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Dogs are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world. They are extremely resourceful, and they have been man’s best friends for thousands of years. This, and many other reasons, are why so many people have these canines as pets. Studies have shown that about 50% of homes worldwide have dogs as pets.

However, to get the most out of your pet, the most important thing you need to do is train them. Now, when we say “get the most out of your pet,” we mean if you are looking to enhance your relationship with your pet in Front Royal, VA, then a dog trainer and classes for your dog will come in handy!

From obedience training to other basic training forms (and classes that are highly relevant to your beautiful puppy), we are here to help with our Doggy Daycare in the Virginia area.

Without adequate general or obedience training, your pet is more likely to act out and fail to heed instructions. If you’re looking for the details about training your dogs, you’re in luck. Here is what you need to know about why dog training is essential and how it improves your relationship with your pet. You can also learn more about the great list of services that we offer with dog training.

Remember that if you want to take advantage of a private class or learn more about our program offerings for your precious pup, call us or contact us online and we would be happy to find a solution that meets your needs. At Ridgeside K9 Winchester, we give or present holistic programs and classes that provide overall benefits that help you build a stronger relationship with your pet!

Why Is Dog Training Important?

Dog training is vital for several reasons. It may interest you to know that even people in the stone age trained their canines for several purposes. Of course, some were kept as home pets. However, more of them were trained to hunt and bring back food for the family.

That said, dog training is essential for these reasons:

Dog training Provides Your Pet with Mental Stimulation

You may not realize it, but mental stimulation is one of the most strong feelings for your dog to have. Without it, your dog can feel quite bored and generally unmotivated. Luckily, training them with the right commands stimulates their brain to respond. As they are trained, they have more engagement and growth.

It Gives you a Way to Exercise Your Dog.

Exercise is something that not a lot of dogs get. The main culprit behind this is the fact that these dogs are not trained. Exercising your dog is the best way to keep the health of your dog intact. Luckily, there are multiple exercises you can choose from, each with its applications.

How Does Dog Training Improve Your Relationship with Your Friend?

In addition to helping your dog with their physical and mental health, it also helps to improve your relationship with your canine by doing the following:

Builds trust 

If you want to improve trust with your dog in Front Royal VA, training them is one of the smartest ways to go. As you issue more commands, they would get familiar with your voice and only act on your command. This builds a sense of trust between you and your dog that you can’t get everywhere.

Builds obedience 

Check out an untrained dog, and you would most likely realize that they aren’t obedient to their owners. You may not think it, but this is arguably the most critical part of the relationship between you and your dog.

Without obedience, your dog is more likely to act out in various situations. Hence, training your dog teaches them how to obey commands, which would help them understand how to behave in certain situations. 

The Services We offer with Dog Training.

Now that you know the importance of training your dog, below are the services we offer to dog training.

Board and Train

We understand that you might not have a lot of time to train your dog yourself. However, if you’re like many other working people, you have long work hours with very little time to recuperate for the next day.

This can make it almost impossible to train your dog.

That’s why we offer the board and train service, which allows us to train your dog on how to adopt new behaviors and solve problems faster. Our board and train service with elements like positive reinforcement make it to where our dog trainer will spend quite a bit of time with your puppy in Front Royal, VA. We will build a relationship and take care of your dog, making sure that it is progressing with its training.

Puppy Training

If you own a puppy, you would have realized by now that it’s pretty challenging trying to train a pup. This is because they’re new to the world and less used to the environment and various stimuli. They would have to get used to new stimuli and environments while you try and teach them, making it that tasking. Fortunately, we provide puppy training services that would allow you to leave your puppy in our care for a little while. Then, we would undergo this tedious process of training for you.

You will have a wonderful puppy that is more likely to listen to you while it behaves as well!


As mentioned earlier, obedience is an essential factor you should consider if you want to improve your relationship with your dog. That’s why one of the services we offer is teaching your dog obedience. 


Believe it or not, not all forms of aggression are harmful. In some cases, it can even be beneficial. Your dog just has to learn how to control it. That said, this is the fourth service we offer when it comes to dog training.

Emotional Support

Emotional support is just as crucial in keeping your dog’s health at an optimum level. Without emotional support, your dog tends to become more socially distanced from both you and other people. So naturally, a dog is meant to be with other dogs as they are being trained. This will boost both their confidence and allow them to interact better with other dogs. That’s why we offer emotional support while training canines.

Service Training

Service training means that we can train your dog for you in the comfort of your own home. We realize that you may not be highly comfortable with the concept of having your dog being trained elsewhere. Of course, this may attract more fees, but it is worth it. 

Group classes

For people that want to learn how to train their dogs themselves, we also hold group lectures that can teach you the basics and essentials of training your dog. We offer this class all days of the week.

Deaf training

Dogs that are deaf need training too. This is because they’re so much more fragile compared to their counterparts who can hear. They need to understand how to adapt to their surroundings without the use of sounds. Hence, we offer training services for dogs that are deaf.

Weekend Training

As mentioned earlier, many people have busy schedules that won’t allow them to train their dogs correctly. In some cases, they can’t even drop their dogs every day for daily training. We offer weekend training services that allow you to bring your dogs over for the weekend for those kinds of people. 

Search and Rescue

Search, and rescue is essential for a lot of reasons. You never know when you need to find someone and usher them to safety in a dicey situation. Luckily, we offer search and rescue training services that teach your dog how to react to those kinds of problems.

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We also communicate clearly with all dog owners on their dogs’ progress and ensure to do so at an affordable rate.

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