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Dog Training in Stephens City, Virginia

Dog training is more important than many people think it is. For one, without adequately training our dogs, there would be a lot more of them running helter-skelter around your house. You would also be privy to a lot of damage and havoc they cause.

Dogs are adorable creatures that need to be protected from themselves sometimes. If you leave them to their own devices, they can quickly become a danger to both themselves and other people. This is why dog training is essential.

Our dog training business facility in Stephens City, Virginia, is here to help you with your various needs. So whether you are looking for boarding, obedience, basic assistance, behavior change, or a class or two to strengthen your bond with your favorite furry friend, reach out to our business in Stephens City, VA!

Our professionals are trained to work with your pups and make sure to do their best with various related programs and classes. If you are facing issues with your dog and would like to advantage of a menu of options present in our programs, feel free to reach out to us today by phone or by email!

Here is what you must know about dog training and why it matters. You can also learn more about our obedience classes and other offerings in the area.

Why Dog Training is Essential

Dog training is essential for the reasons present below.

Half of the world’s homes have dogs.

If you don’t know by now, half of the homes in the world have dogs in their homes. This is expected because they have been man’s best friends for a long amount of time. Over time, we domesticated them to start living in the home and provide us with a sense of companionship. 

That said, imagine what it would be like if these homes that have a lot of dogs didn’t train them. These dogs would quickly get out of hand and cause so much damage to your home and also harm themselves and the people around them.

It would be a matter of chaos, yes, absolute chaos! But thankfully, more animals are trained and help to care for us as much as we care for them. They a part of the family and stay with us for years on end.

Dogs have needed training for a long time.

As mentioned previously, dogs have been man’s best friends for a long amount of time. They were documented to have been by man’s side for thousands of years. If the earlier humans didn’t train these dogs about behaving and acting in a crisis, they wouldn’t be as dependable as they are today.

This is the second most important reason why you need to train your dog thoroughly.

It allows them to exercise safely and effectively. 

Exercise is something that comes naturally to dogs. Most of them are highly energetic animals that always want to jump around. However, these dogs could be jumping around erratically, increasing the chances of causing injuries to themselves or the people around them. Hence, to help them exercise in a safer and more coordinated way, they need to get many dog training.

How Does Dog Training Improve Your Relationship with Your Friend?

In addition to helping your dog with their physical and mental health, it also helps to improve your relationship with your canine by doing the following:

It Allows them To Trust You More. 

With canines, trust is something you earn with them. You can just take it on a whim. So one of the best ways to build trust with your dog is by training them. By training them, you’re consciously building an enormous sense of trust in their minds, making the dog training even faster. Hence, if you want to build trust with your dog, dog training is the way to go.

Obedience is Built-Up

As you may already know, part of an animal’s nature is to rebel. It is not a basic instinct, but it is something that occurs for a variety of reasons. But the truth is that a strong relationship is built when the pet can act as a family member. It is a basic requirement in any strong relationship. The basic aspect of collaboration brings about quite a bit of results and a long-lasting relationship.

Most individuals want to stay friends with their pet forever and so having round rules and obedience as key elements of the relationship promotes that sense of longevity.

The Services We offer with Dog Training.

From the above argument, you should understand why it is essential to perform dog training. Without this dog training, it can lead your pet to act out uncontrollably. That said, here are some of the excellent services we provide:

Board and Train

It is understandable how hard it is to train your dog with a busy work schedule. Most job descriptions involve long work hours with little time for you to transit home and relax. This can make it quite a hassle for you to train your dog. 

Luckily, we offer board and train services for those busy dog parents. We offer a lot of benefits in this board and train services at affordable prices. When your dog enters this board and training program, they will get accustomed to listening to commands faster, thus allowing them to conduct tasks more efficiently.

Puppy Training

Understandably, it may be more challenging to train a puppy. This is because puppies are not accustomed to a lot of environments. Doing this can significantly increase their chances of getting anxious and rejecting the training altogether. 

Fortunately, we have the right tools and use the proper methodologies to train your puppy. Along with the training sessions, we provide separate training that allows them to adapt to their environment quickly and safely.

Our business is available in Winchester and other places in Virginia to help you with all of your pet teaching-related needs.


Obedience is something your dog needs to have to ensure peace in your home. If your dog doesn’t obey you, you could potentially be coming back home every day to see things in your home get damaged. It also increases their chances of them running away. Further, without obedience, there is more of disconnection within the relationship. That is an issue as it can become worse each week. It can compound and become an even further problem over the years and can lead to unhappy results.

Our business is here in the local area to make sure that we do our best to bring about strong relationships and fantastic results.


Aggression isn’t always destructive. In a lot of cases, you can use your dog’s aggression to protect yourself. However, the problem lies when you don’t teach the dog how to control themselves. They would get aggressive at the slightest provocation, which makes them a danger to themselves and others.

That’s why we offer dog training services for aggression. This training would teach how to place their aggression on command rather than on impulse. 

Emotional Support

Emotional support is vital for a wide variety of reasons. Therefore, we offer emotional support training to your dog. But we also want to make sure that the dog meets certain conditions; otherwise, the four-week training might not be effective.

The emotional support dog has to have a good relationship with the owner and must also have a sense of tranquility in many different situations; if this aspect is not there, it can create issues. The service enables us to immerse your dog in various types of training that let them be their best in a wide variety of environments. It helps them better themselves while allowing them to be great. They can take in a wide variety of environmental information and still stay calm.

Service Training

We provide service training that allows your canine friend to have the baseline skills or behaviors that it must have to move forward with its service training. We at Ridgeside K9 do not offer certification, but we start with the foundations and see that your dog is well on their way to becoming a great service animal. We can train your dog on how to behave!

Group classes

Group classes also exist for dog owners that want to train their dogs with other dogs. We conduct multiple classes a week that teach the essentials you need to know about training your dog.

Deaf training

Just like humans, some dogs are also deaf. Some are born that way, while some are caused by external factors. It can be pretty hard to adapt, especially for dogs who could hear before.

That’s why we also provide deaf training services for dogs who are deaf. This service teaches them how to adapt and interact with their environment. But it also helps with dogs that need to move forward and become obedient and well-behaved so they can stay with you over the years and still aim to please.

Weekend Training

Weekend training classes also exist for people that can only bring their dogs around during the weekend. We understand that these individuals have busy work schedules and may not have time to drive their dogs around every day.

Search and Rescue

If you’ve ever been interested in cases of investigations, you should understand that dogs are often a pivotal part of the case. More often than not, a dog, with its thorough training and intuition, can discover many things that can help solve an issue, search and rescue cases included. That said, one of our services is teaching your dog the search and rescue procedure and how to stay calm and behave in various situations.

Why Choose Us for Your Dog Training Needs?

Not many can compare to our dog assistance services. Firstly, our dog training services are top-notch, as we have a lot of staff with years of experience. We also deliver with a tremendous amount of professionalism and care. We aim to give you various ways to take advantage of services that can be good for your furry friend.

Reach out To Us Today for Your Dog Training Needs

We believe that dogs can be their best selves when adequately trained, which drives our passion for continuing the excellent work we’re doing. That said, if you need a dog you want to train, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! You can contact us at Ridgeside K9 online or by phone. Our representatives are happy to help. If you are looking for help in 2021, you will find that our services at Ridgeside K9 can make a world of difference in your life and that of your pets as well!

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