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Dog training is more important than you may know. Humans have trained dogs for thousands of years, albeit for different purposes. Nowadays, dogs are trained to perform tricks, behave, and improve their general livelihood.

As beneficial as dog training is, there are a lot of people that don’t do it. If you don’t train your dogs, they can quickly become a danger to you, other people, and even themselves. They may not easily become a danger to you if you treat them well but can certainly become a danger to others. See, training enables you to have a deeper connection with your puppy, and it allows the puppy to have stronger relationships with the world around it.

The puppy will not have to react to others from anxiety, fear, or nervousness but can approach the situation from a place of confidence and peace. One of the main reasons why people may opt for professional dog training and dog training classes is because it provides the overall peace of mind that the puppy will be amicable over the long term.

That amicable relationship will provide great returns and results for everyone, from your neighbors to your friends and family who would interact with the dog.

Indeed, there are many ways you can train your dog. You can obtain quite a bit of benefit from it.

That said, this simple guide will help to explain how dog training improves your relationship with your canine and the services we offer to help train your dog.

How Does Dog Training Improve Your Relationship with Your Friend?

As mentioned earlier, dog training helps to improve the relationship with your little or big friend. However, to go into more detail, here are the specific ways it helps:

Dog Training Breeds trust

The key ingredient to improving your relationship with your dog is trust. Without trust, the relationship will be finicky and fragile. As you continue to train your dog, the relationship, in general, would become strengthened, as the bond would keep getting stronger. Your dog would learn to listen to and obey your commands. Local dog trainers at RidgesideK9Winchester in Jefferson County would help you have a good canine citizen with their puppy training and help you have a robust relationship with your dog.

Dog Training Protects them.

The second way it improves your relationship with your dog is that it protects them from harm. Imagine a dog that didn’t listen to any instructions in the house. Chaotic, right? That dog would most likely do a lot of running around, wearing havoc on the home. Many dog owners get angry because of this and lash out with punishments on their dogs. Over time, resentment and fear can build up within the dog because of the punishments. But it does not have to be that way in Jefferson County. Individuals can understand more about the training needs of their dogs and seek professionals to provide training that makes a difference for their dogs!

What We Offer with Dog Training in Jefferson County

Now that you know how vital dog training is, it would help if you know the services we offer. We have been doing this for quite a while, so we understand all the different kinds of dog training your canines need. 

Board and Train

It is understandable how busy you may be, given the schedule many of us face today. Many people are currently working 9-5 jobs, making setting time apart for training dogs pretty challenging. In fact, taking care of the dog can prove to be a challenge as well. Luckily, we offer board and train services, which allows you to leave your dog with us for a little bit to get adequate training. 

Puppy Training

In some ways, training puppies can be more tedious than training adults. They tend to have more energy, making it harder to control them. Fortunately, puppy training is another service we offer. We help train them from a young age, as training them from a young age helps them learn and grow faster. This allows you to have the puppy around other dogs and will help them to form relationships and become more robust over the long term. If your puppy becomes more dog friendly, it enables you to go to a dog park or spend time with friends and family who may have their respective dogs.


Although many babies tend to obey commands, there are some breeds you may have a hard time controlling. If you try to train them yourself, the dog’s resistance could leave you hurt.

That’s why it’s better to let our professionals at RidgesideK9Winchester train your dog. Our obedience training course involves learning social behavior and training to nip negative behavior in the bud. This is an integral part of our training classes will certainly help to teach the fundamentals. The simple aspect of obedience helps to improve behaviors and allows them to become more prone to instruction from their human counter-parties.


Something remarkable is that although aggressive behavior is frowned upon by many people, you can still teach your dog to display aggression on command.

Our training sessions help to tame dogs and teach them to show aggression when you want them to. This helps you when you want your dog to stay calm while on a leash or when you are going on a walk.

This is especially something that you want to have under control when walking in public places so that you have a wide variety of opportunities to move about and spend time with your dog. What is most important here is that it is necessary to have total peace of mind when moving around with your dog.

Emotional Support

Emotional support is a training regimen not many other dog training services offer. That said, we train dogs on how to detect negative behavior like sadness and anger through body language and facial experience. When they detect it, they would then act as emotional support to the affected human individual. This can certainly be quite a valuable trait and be very helpful for people who have been through trauma and other aspects.

Service Training

Service training is another service available in Jefferson County, VA, for individuals who are expecting more from their dogs. This type of training will help the owner take the first steps to have the dog become a service animal. This service will focus on behaviors, obedience, and other aspects during sessions that matter to potential working dogs.

Group classes

Although you may not think so, group classes are essential. If you try to train your dog in isolation from other dogs, it can lead to several problems. Your dog won’t be familiar with other dogs and would see them as threats. Group training helps you to understand how your dog does around other animals and other people as well!

On the other hand, group classes help increase their confidence and improve their relationships with other dogs and even animals in general.

Deaf training

We think that the importance of deaf training for deaf dogs cannot be overemphasized. Deaf training is designed to allow dogs to be still able to function almost as perfectly as their peers. This training involves them using their other senses, such as sight and touch.

Weekend Training

Weekend training is available for people who want to drop off their dogs only on weekends at our facility in Jefferson County, Virginia. The weekend training can be wonderful for you and your puppies as it allows for flexibility and improvements in behaviors in your pet.

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