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Ridgeside K9’s Dog Training Services In Frederick County Virginia

Ridgeside K9 Winchester Doggie Day Care facility, in Winchester (Frederick County), VA.

We offer a series of training, classes, and dog care that dog owners can utilize to their greatest advantage in terms of providing the doggie the very best care and training available.

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Ridgeside K9 Doggie Day Care offers the following services:

  • Doggie Day Care
  • Day Training
  • Group Training
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Night Classes
  • Weekend Training

Dog owners can take advantage of utilizing day training services and day care conjunctively. Once the dog has completed their training program, clients can continue to have their dog trained at the facility’s day care services.

Doggie Day Care can accommodate all dogs except ones that are human aggressive. Older dogs are most welcome here. They are provided their own area where they can relax all day on their own. Supervision of dogs at Ridgeside K9’s Doggie Day Care is provided by actual professional dog trainers, helping to put the owner’s mind at ease.

Doggie Day Care is a structured day care for dogs. Staff will work with your dog during the day by creating structure, overall boundaries, and pack behavior. Some dogs that are aggressive and not good in group settings are also welcome. They are kept private and given free time and five breaks, but for their safety, and the safety of other dogs (and staff, for that matter), they are kept separate from other dogs. Doggies that are more laid-back or social get to play in a massive play area.

The obedience training at Ridgeside K9 is “the foundation of everything the company does.” The staff’s goal is to provide your dog with the most superior obedience foundation possible in their given sessions. One-on-one lessons at the Winchester location are five or seven lessons, and includes training collar.

Winchester, located in the northern region of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is the county seat of Frederick County. Zip codes in Winchester include 22601, 22602, 22603, and 22604. The address for Ridgeside K9 Winchester is 360 Gateway Drive, Winchester, VA (Suite 7) 22603.

Facility Hours of Operation- Monday through Friday (closed Saturday and Sunday):

  • Day Care- 6:45 am-6:00 pm
  • Lessons- 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

To learn more about all that Ridgeside K9 Winchester has to offer, get more information by calling (504) 270-7132 today!

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