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Teaching humans. Training dogs. Growing together.

Frustrated Dog Owner? Let Us Help.

What’s a dog that won’t listen to its owner when it comes home? We want to ensure your dog has lasting success and that starts with educating you as the owner!

Let us help transform your dog into the perfect obedient pet that listens to your every command!

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We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to help train your dog. Tell us more about your dog and the issues your having.

We focus on owner training as much as dog training!

Train The Dog

First step in training is teaching a clear communication system to the dog.

Train the owner

We want you to learn how to properly communicate with your dog.


We offer various ways to keep up with your training and lifetime support.


All types of training for all types of dogs!

Small dogs to big dogs, puppies to senior dogs, we have the experience to transform your dog into the perfect obedient pet that listens to your every command!
Ridgeside K9 Dog Training.

The Leading Dog Training Experts in Northern Virginia.

The best form of dog training is the one that is specialized to your dog and your needs. Dog training isn’t as easy as just bribing a dog with treats. There is a lot more to it, and it is our job to teach and coach you and your dog. 

There are many methods to get to the same end result; with our training methods we will assess your dog, situation, goals and come up with a plan to create the well-behaved pup of your dreams. 

Trusted, Professional, 5-Star Rated!

Customers Love Us...

We want to empower owners to feel confident in their relationship with their dog. We tailor each program to the needs of the specific dog we are training. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to trainings which sets us apart from many of our competitors.


Ridgeside K9 are top notch dog trainers. The cost is high to get your dog trained and I can honestly say it is worth it. The care they gave to my dog was excellent. The communication was again excellent. Britney is a wonderful trainer and truly seems to care about my dog. She has stayed in contact with me about how my dog is doing and given recommendations.

“Ridgeside K9 are top notch dog trainers!” 
Angie Tanner


We got the puppy training for our dog Monty in June and it gave us such a good foundation to work with. So when Ridgeside started offering Day Care I had to jump on it. Monty absolutely loves it and I feel so confident when I leave him for the day that he is having a blast, socializing and learning! I go every Monday and I live all the way in Ashburn so it’s definitely worth it!

“…so it’s definitely worth it!”
Brittany Clark

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We have put our heart and soul into the Winchester location in order to provide both dog and client an amazing experience that fosters learning and team work. The location was custom built from the ground up to meet our needs now and well into the future. Our clients success is the measure of our success and the Winchester Dog Training Center was custom built to foster an environment of success for all who put forth the effort.

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