Winchester, VA Doggie Day Care

Our Dog Training Facility

Our Training Facility

The Ridgeside K9 Dog Training Center is a new state-of-the-art dog training center based in Winchester. We custom built the Winchester dog training facility to provide a conducive learning environment for both dog and client and meet our present and future needs. At Ridgeside K9 Winchester, we offer a wide range of services, from convenient day training and weekend classes to flexible one-on-one training lessons, to ensure that you never have to deal with an untrained dog. We take pride in our commitment to set the industry standard in training dogs and their owners.

Are you worried that your dog will jump up on strangers when you’re out and about? How about coming home to broken vases and chewed-up items? We are experts in all matters of how to train dogs, and we can help. Our services cater to dogs of all breeds and ages. We have a team of professional dog trainers with a passion for what they do, and we are confident that when you work with us, you will enjoy the outcome of a genuinely well-trained dog. We have a fully equipped dog training yard and plenty of space for your dog to have some fun.

We make dog training enjoyable by utilizing each dog’s strengths, natural desires, and genetic make-up to better understand them and guide them to success. Canine training should be fun and rewarding for both you and your pet, and it’s an excellent way to form a closer bond with your four-legged family member.

We can’t wait to help you get started on your exciting journey to solving your dog problems and building a better, more rewarding relationship with your canine companion.

Here’s an overview of our training services.

Day Training

If you would like your dog to have a training experience while you’re away at work, school, or other engagement, then day training offers a great way to accomplish your dog’s training goals. We understand that each dog has a unique personality, so we customize our day training programs to fit your dog training needs, goals, and your lifestyle.

Your dog will have the same trainer throughout the training period, ranging from two to three weeks depending on your needs and the dog’s behavioral issues. Our dog training facility’s programs include everything from communicating with clarity and giving new commands to knowing how to stay in control when handling your dog.

Once the training is complete, we’ll have a “turnover,” where we’ll spend time with you to go over the training. Turnovers typically take about 4 hours, but we won’t leave until you’re crystal clear on everything and feel educated and comfortable.

Group Training

Group classes provide an excellent way for your dog to grow comfortable around other dogs and new people. Once your dog has been through Ridgeside K9’s obedience training programs, enrolling them in a group training class allows you to measure, ensure, and prove your dog’s obedience. We typically schedule group classes at our dog training facility daily as continuing education for both dog and owner.

Unlike doggie socialization classes, group training is structured, with a series of events where dogs and their respective owners work close to other dogs and owners. These training programs help your dog stay stable and neutral around other dogs and people while maintaining obedience and control.

Group training will build your canine’s confidence and social skills through positive training methods and force-free behavior.

Doggie Daycare

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t take your furry friend with you, we’ve got you covered with our Doggie Daycare. At Ridgeside K9 Winchester, we know that your dog deserves the highest level of quality care. Doggie Daycare relieves stress and boredom. Most dogs love to play, so let us provide an outlet for that excess energy.

For many pet owners, leaving their pup behind for the first time can be a stressful experience. Our professionally trained team will go above and beyond to calm both pets and their parents. We’ll care for your canine friend as if they’re our own.

We welcome all dogs to our dog daycare facility. Our well-equipped facility allows us to manage and care for dogs, whether they thrive in group settings or not. We even have a separate area for older dogs that may prefer to spend their day resting and relaxing. You can trust us to work with your dog by creating structure, pack behavior, and overall boundaries in a safe and supervised environment.

Night Classes

We’ll provide more information soon about our dog training night classes in Winchester.

One-On-One Training

When it comes to dog training, it all starts with basics. Obedience training sets the foundation of all our training programs, and that’s our main focus when training your dog on a one-on-one basis.

These private lessons offer an invaluable opportunity for you and your “best friend.” We design every session of our training program towards your goal as a client using training methods appropriate for your dog’s temperament and personality. Our dog trainers provide safe, 100% tailored, relationship-based training. Private training makes it easy to give your dog a solid foundation in obedience.

It’s important to remember that training is not a one-off event but rather a long-term commitment to gaining the tools to maintain your furry friend’s good behavior. We currently only offer one-on-one training lessons at our Winchester dog facility. Flexible scheduling means we can work with your schedule and deliver training at you and your dog’s pace.

Weekend Training

This convenient training program focuses on working around your busy schedule. We want to make maintenance and follow-up training accessible to you by conducting regular weekend group classes. Our team will post weekend classes to inform clients of any upcoming sessions. These classes also include occasional group functions and walks in public places.

Public group training and pack walks are not obedience training. This program gives you and your dog a day to enjoy a stress-free pack walk with a large group of dogs and hang out with other pet parents like you.