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Protect Your Pet from Deadly Diseases – Top 3 Vaccines That Every Dog Needs

Vaccines are one of the best and easiest ways to prevent diseases and improve the chances of living a healthy life. This not only applies to humans but also stands true for your canine friends. If you’re new to dog parenting and do not know what vaccines your dog needs, fret not; we’ve got you covered for the basics.

Dog Vaccines – Which Ones Does Your Pet Need?

There are different types and varieties of dog vaccines available. However, you don’t necessarily need all of them. The ones that you do need to give your pup are called core vaccines, whereas the optional ones are called non-core vaccines.

The non-core vaccines are determined individually for each dog by the veterinarians, depending on their risk for certain diseases. Today, we’re going to talk about the most important vaccines that are vital for all dogs.

There is a range of vaccines that veterinarians and experienced dog owners strongly recommend for every pet dog. Here we’re going to list the top three:

1. Rabies

Caused by the deadly rabies virus, rabies is an incurable infection that is always fatal to dogs. What makes it even worse is that it can be transmitted from dogs to humans. In humans, rabies affects the nervous system and causes brain inflammation, leading to various problems. According to the WHO, dogs are the biggest source of rabies transmission and deaths in humans. 99% of all human cases of rabies are due to dogs.

Fortunately, rabies can be prevented in dogs by vaccination. Dogs become eligible for rabies vaccine at 3-months of age. They also need booster shots all their lives. Depending on the state law, you will need to give your dog the booster for rabies yearly or every three years.

2. Parvovirus

Commonly referred to as Parvo, Canine Parvovirus (CPV) is a highly contagious viral disease in dogs with over a 90% mortality rate. The disease affects the GI tract and causes vomiting, bloody diarrhea, dehydration, fever, and fatigue.

There are many strains of parvovirus. But, thankfully, the modern canine parvovirus vaccines are effective against all of them, so get your pup vaccinated to protect him from the deadly virus.

The canine parvovirus vaccine has multiple doses. The first dose should ideally be administered in puppies between 6 to 8 weeks of age, followed by a dose every 3 to 4 weeks until the pups are 12 to 14 weeks. After that, a booster shot is required after one year and then once every 1 to 3 years.

Dog vaccinated

3. Distemper

Primarily characterized by watery (often pus like) discharge from the eyes, canine distemper is another highly contagious dog disease caused by the paramyxovirus. It is an airborne disease that affects the respiratory system and can cause permanent brain damage. It can sometimes be fatal as well.

Pet dogs can be protected from this serious disease by administering a distemper vaccine. The vaccine has three doses and should be administered between 6 to 16 weeks of age.

The Sum Up

Making frequent vet trips for several months may seem like an additional burden that comes with owning a dog, but the benefits of vaccines make it all worth it. After all, nothing is more important than your doggo’s health and life.

The vaccines that we have discussed above are essential for all dogs. However, these are not the only ones needed, so make sure to consult a vet to learn about all the core (and non-core) vaccines that your pet dog needs to stay healthy and happy.



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