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Obedience training at Ridgeside K9 is the foundation of everything the company does. All aspects of all dog training from service dog work to high-end sport dog competition falls back on the obedience foundation the dog received. The “basics” are never as basic as many believe. The “basics” must be the foundation the dog can fall back on under stress and when in a state of drive. As with all things – the stronger the foundation the stronger the structure. However, if the foundation is weak, no matter how fancy the structure is it will eventually fail. Our training goal is always to provide your dog with the strongest obedience foundation possible in the allotted time we have to ensure you and your dog can fall back on obedience whenever needed in real- world situations.

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7 – Lessons $1100 (Includes Training Collar)

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Individual Dog Training in Winchester, VA

If you have ever tried dog training on your own, you may have gotten frustrated when your dog, especially if it is puppy training, does not seem to care about learning the specific task you are working on. When you and your family are not professional dog trainers, it can be stressful to attempt dog training methods and have very little success.

When you are in need of dog training for your pet (older dog or puppy), training at a professional level may be necessary to ensure you and your pet learn the right habits and ways of understanding one another. Obedience training needs to start with a rock-solid foundation of what professional dog trainers might call the “basics,” and that comes from early training.

At Ridgeside K9 in Winchester, VA, we offer private training for you and your dog. You can invest in private lessons with a dog trainer for the basics, service dog work, high-end sport dog training, and much more. Our one-on-one private dog training lessons will ensure that you and your dog are able to learn and have fun at the same time.

The Importance of the “Basics”

As with any skill that you are hoping to learn, the skill must have a firm foundation on which to build bigger and better aspects of that skill. Dog training is a similar situation. During each private dog training session (choose between 5 or 7 lessons at Ridgeside K9), our professional dog trainers will make sure that your dog has a firm grasp on the basic principles of obedience.

When a dog is clear on the basics, he will be able to fall back on that former dog training during situations in public or private that are stressful. Without a strong foundation of the basics, the dog may not know how to react to various situations and be difficult to control for you, the owner.

Private Dog Training Provide a Foundation

At Ridgeside K9, our exceptional private dog trainers in Winchester, Virginia, focus on the importance of a firm dog training foundation on which to build obedience skills. Throughout one-on-one private training sessions, you can ask questions and address any issues you and your dog are having without the stress of having other dogs and owners watching. With no other dogs in the class, your dog (even a puppy) can only focus on you and the dog training tasks at hand.

When you invest in dog training private lessons for you and your dog at Ridgeside K9, we will use the time we have allotted (either 5 or 7 private lessons) to ensure your dog’s basic obedience foundation is strong before we move on to the more complex and impressive tricks. Even during puppy training, we are sure to focus on that strong basics base for commands and manners.

Don’t stress out at home trying to be a dog trainer and stressing out yourself and your dog. Contact Ridgeside K9 for private training programs! We are sure you will love our training methods because we believe that training your dog can be fun.

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If you and your dog are in need of dog training in Winchester, VA, our expert trainers offer private lessons that are one-on-one and keep the stress level as low as possible. From loose leash walking to separation anxiety, potty training to advanced behavior reinforcement (especially for aggression and bad manners), and everything in between, our dog training team can help you with any and all of the training goals you have during our dog training classes.

Our dog training team is here to teach, train, and give positive reinforcement to you and your dog for commands learned. Contact our dog training company to get started with our certified professionals free from distractions from other dogs. We also offer board and train services, so contact us today for more on our training programs for basic obedience and more!