Winchester, VA Doggie Day Care

Day Training

Structured Day Care for Dogs.

Day Training programs are the base of our dog training business at Ridgeside K9 Winchester. 

We offer multiple-day training programs depending on your dog training needs, goals, and issues you may have. 

Each day’s training program is customized for the individual dog. During our day training programs, your dog is glued to their assigned trainer. 

What’s included During training, your dog will be dropped off each morning and picked up each evening Monday through Friday. 

We will address all obedience issues as well as nuisance behaviors inside your home. 

Such as: 

  • Counter surfing 
  • Trash can robbing 
  • Couch-jumping 
  • Window slamming 
  • Front door escaping 
  • Possessive resource guarding issues 
  • and all the behavior that occur at your house. 

Ridgeside K9 will ensure you are 100% comfortable and clear about how to communicate and handle your dog. There is no time-limit to turn-overs, often they take 4 hours as we do not leave until you are comfortable, educated, and crystal clear on everything. 

How long is the training? 

Day training programs range from two-weeks to three-weeks depending on your needs and the dog’s behavioral problems. 


Adult Training (5 months and over) 

2 week Day train – $1900

3 Week Day train – $2400

(There is no difference in the training between the two and three-week day training program. 

The difference is in duration. The three-week program allows for more environmental exposure, environmental conditioning, environmental neutrality, and overall confidence and impulse control. 

Three-weeks will always deliver a more reliable and consistent dog in the end. Both programs work magic – but “more” training is simply better results. The price includes all training, care, transportation, training equipment, and lifetime support of you and the dog. 

2 and 3-week-day training packages. 

We focus on – On and off-leash obedience, Place work, Off-leash recall and cover all aspects of Livability, Control, and Environmental Neutrality. Often behavioral issues all come down to confusion and the dog having no idea what the desired behavior is. 

Teaching the dog impulse control and self-capping drive and teaching the dog how to communicate is critical for long-term success Once Training Is Done We will have what we call a “turnover” at the end of the program. 

This will include: Learning about motivations and rewards Learning and Giving new commands and communicating with clarity Correcting unwanted behaviors / reinforcing and rewarding desired behaviors Knowing how to stay in control and communicate with your dog Plan for anywhere between 3-4 hours spent with us going over the last 2-4 weeks.

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