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Group Dog Training Classes in Winchester

A safe way to work your dog in a new environment around new people and dogs.

Group Classes at Ridgeside K9 are a great way to ensure, measure, and proof your dog’s obedience. Our group classes are open to clients that have already been through Ridgeside K9’s obedience training programs. 

Group classes will be scheduled daily and are $30 per dog team. Group classes are used as continuing education for both dog and owner and a safe way to work your dog in a new environment around new people and dogs while keeping things under control. 

Group classes are (not) doggie socialization classes. Group training is structured with a series of events with dog teams (owner and dog) working in close proximity to other dog teams. 

During group training “focus” is the desired behavior. We work heavily on your dog’s ability to be neutral and stable around other dogs and people while maintaining obedience and control. 

Group classes are a great way to have fun with your dog, push the limits of your training, expand the thresholds of your training and do it all in a safe and controlled fashion. 

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There is a major difference between dog training classes in which you and your dog are the only students in the room and dog training classes where there are multiple dogs and humans in the same room learning the same advanced behaviors and lessons.

In the group dog training sessions at Ridgeside K9 in Winchester, VA, our experienced trainers will help you and your dog learn not only the behaviors you want to work on but also how to interact and focus with others in the room. Contact our Winchester dog training professionals to get started with your first class.

What Is Group Dog Training?

Group dog training at Ridgeside K9 is a specialized class in which you and your dog interact with other “dog teams” while also learning advanced behaviors. Before you are able to participate in our group dog training class, you must first have successfully completed our obedience training class.

You and your dog are considered a “dog team” during our daily group training class. We believe that this is a second level of dog training since you must have successfully passed the obedience training class. The group classes are continuing education for you and your dog, and they are a great way to safely work with your dog in a much different situation.

The environment will have changed from the original one-on-one dog training class, and there will be other people and dogs around while you work with your dog. This can be stressful for dogs if it was not under a controlled circumstance such as this one. Our professional dog trainers will ensure that the environment remains calm and friendly as you work on activities such as loose leash walking with your dog or puppy.

Difference between Group Dog Training and Socialization Classes

It is critical to recognize that these dog training classes in a group are not socialization classes. In your class, both dogs and people will receive positive reinforcement for successful behaviors, and you will still receive constructive feedback to help improve, if necessary.

While the dogs and people will be close together, it is not an opportunity for socializing. This type of class is an opportunity for dogs to learn how to focus very closely on you as their owner even though there are plenty of potential distractions around the room. You will have structured events to complete throughout the class, and it is the goal of the class to be successful even with other dogs and people distracting your dog.

Why Invest in Group Dog Training Classes

During our group classes, the professional dog trainers we have on staff at Ridgeside K9 will use positive reinforcement to reward your dog for obeying your commands. The idea of these group classes is to be highly focused on the desired behavior you are working on even with many other pups and people around.

When you want to show your dog how to remain neutral and stable around other pups and people, the group training classes are a great way to achieve this goal. With this class, you will be focusing on maintaining obedience, expanding the limits of your training, and pushing the boundaries for your dog in a safe environment.

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If you and your dog are ready to move beyond the basic fundamentals training and incorporate some new people and dogs into the mix, the group training classes are perfect. Our trainers want you and your canine to have fun and learn some advanced skills and tricks through our group class.

Contact Ridgeside K9 in Winchester, VA, to learn more about our daily dog training classes in groups and to get started right away with your pet.