Winchester, VA Doggie Day Care

Doggie Daycare in Winchester

Structured Day Care for Dogs.

Our Doggie Day Care is a rare opportunity for lucky dogs to be immersed in an amazing environment from day to day.

Learning never stops and all dogs can benefit from proper social behavior.

Day Care is open for drop off from 0645 – 1800 with a flat rate of $30 a day. Ridgeside K9’s doggie daycare program is open to ALL dogs. We provide a safe and controlled environment for your dog to have a great time while you travel to and from work or other engagements.

We will work with your dog while in daycare by creating structure, pack behavior, and overall boundaries. While the majority of dogs in doggie daycare thrive in a group setting with other dogs, some do not. We can still manage and care for dogs that do not do great in a group setting.

All dogs welcome:

  • Small dogs (private area)
  • Older dogs that just want to sleep the day away (Private area)
  • Dog Aggressive dogs – kept private, still given 5 breaks and free time, but kept separate from other dogs.
  • Neutral and social dogs – VERY large group play area.

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While the majority of dog owners would love nothing more than to stay at home with their furry friends all day every day, that is simply not usually possible. Most adults have obligations outside of the home which prevent them from spending all of their time with their dogs and other pets. Work, business trips, running errands, and many other daily activities keep many adults busy and away from their dogs.

As a good dog owner, you want to make sure that your dog has the best possible life. When they are able to spend their time with you, that is the best thing they can imagine. However, when you are away from home for long stretches of time, dogs often become sad, lonely, or even aggressive. To prevent sadness, loneliness or bad behavior while you are away from your home, you may want to consider enrolling your dog in dog daycare.

What Is Dog Daycare?

Dog daycare, especially at Ridgeside K9 in Winchester, VA, is an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs and enjoy their time away from the house. Dog daycare in Winchester, VA, minimizes the potential for your dog to feel lonely or sad, and it certainly prevents your dog from tearing up anything in the house or having an accident on your carpet.

In addition to socialization and proper care outside of the home, our dog day care experts can work on training your dog by providing structure, pack behavior, and overall boundaries. Dog day care is about far more than just boarding your dog while you are away. The dogs truly have an immersive experience with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment. Your pet will look forward to their play day with every other doggy in our Winchester, VA, day care.

What Kind of Experience Do Our Furry Friends Get in Doggie Day Care?

For many dog day care places, the dogs get a very minimal amount of play time and socialization. It is more akin to boarding than doggy day care. At Ridgeside K9, we treat your pup as if he or she was our own! We ensure that the environment is safe and controlled at all times, and our training experts even work on your dog’s good behavior.

Our doggy daycare team provides exceptional care services, and your dog will be able to play with their furry friends as much as they want. We also understand that some dogs do not handle socialization well, and we are more than able to accommodate those situations as well.

For small dogs, our doggy daycare has a private area where they can play together without worrying about larger dogs which might scare them, especially while being away from their family.

Older dogs, too, can have a special location in our daycare where they can sleep all day if they so wish without being bothered by younger, more excitable dogs. They will not have to worry about trying to search out a safe place to relax.

When a dog presents more aggressive behaviors or does not like to socialize with other dogs, our Winchester, VA, doggy daycare has private rooms for them to play without the possibility of other dogs being hurt or traumatized. Aggressive dogs are still given plenty of breaks and free time opportunities so that they are given a full experience throughout their day.

Finally, dogs who are regularly social or simply neutral in their behavior with other pets are able to interact with each other in a VERY large group play area.

All Dog Services at Ridgeside K9

At Ridgeside K9, our pup care team is able to provide you the following services for your pets:

  • Doggie Daycare
  • Group Training
  • Day Training
  • Weekend Training
  • Night Classes

Whatever your dog needs, our pup training team is here to provide your pet with the services he or she requires throughout the day.

Contact Us to Enroll Your Dog in Doggie Day Care in Winchester, VA

At Ridgeside K9, our Winchester training team believes that both pets and owners can benefit from learning about a dog’s behavior and working to improve it. We have put our heart and soul into the our Winchester training location to provide the best possible services for our clients and their canine companions. For more information about our dog and puppy training options as well as pricing and hours, contact our Winchester, Virginia, training center.