Winchester, VA Doggie Day Care

Weekend Dog Training Classes

Busy schedule during the week? No Problem. We offer weekend training classes for dogs in Winchester VA.

Working around your busy schedule is our goal. We strive to work with you and make follow up and maintenance training assessable to you by often conducting weekend group classes.

Weekend classes will be posted to keep clients informed on upcoming training. Often on the weekends, we will also facilitate pack walks and group functions at public places.

Pack walks and public group training is NOT obedience training. It is simply a way to gather with other like-minded individuals and go for a pack walk with a large group of dogs.

Weekend Dog Training

Are you a pet parent looking for the best puppy training classes or pup programs for potty training? Are you hoping to enjoy loose leash walking with your pooch but have an extremely busy schedule? You may be looking for a pup training program that includes a training collar. Whatever the case, at Ridgeside K9, based in Winchester, Virginia, we offer a wide range of pet training solutions. We can train your dog to obey basic cues, such as sit, roll-over, bark, and more.

Our Weekend Dog Training Sessions and Services

One of the most rewarding aspects of adopting a dog is successfully training them. Successful dog training can help you build a stronger relationship with your canine friend. It can also help improve their socialization skills with other dogs.

Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, you need to understand that they can benefit from learning a few basic commands. Most veterinarians help deal with a wide range of behavioral issues. These include phobias, excessive barking, destructiveness, and aggression.

Some of the dog training services we offer include:

  • Doggie daycare
  • Weekend training programs
  • One-on-one training programs
  • Group training
  • Night training classes
  • Day training classes

Why You Should Consider Ridgeside K9 for all Adult Dog and Puppy Training Needs

If you do not have the time to transport your dog for daily training, practice, or exercise sessions, our weekend training sessions can help. This training program is a good solution for pet parents with a busy lifestyle.

At Ridgeside K9, we stay true to our commitment to deliver a flexible weekend training program to meet your dog training goals. We can adapt our dog training weekend classed to meet your specific needs as a family. We can design a suitable schedule and practice sessions to deploy over the weekends by having a good grasp of your dog’s training goals and temperament. This will ensure that your doc will adopt its new behavior with minimal inconvenience on your part.

Types of Weekend Dog and Puppy Training Services for Pet Parents

Are you looking for a reliable dog daycare facility in the Winchester location of Virginia? If so, you need to know what to look for in a good doggie daycare facility. Of course, you and your family want your dog to have the best time from the most caring and experienced trainers who will create healthy and enjoyable learning conditions.

At Ridgeside K9, we believe that all of our clients, both human and canine, deserve to have a good life. Our success stems from utilizing the foundation and fundamentals of excellent pet care. This includes using the best trainer skills, healthy food, group classes, and education for pet parents. We take pride in offering the most effective and efficient pet train programs in use today in Winchester, Virginia.

Doggie Day Care

Leaving your adult dog at home for long stretches can be heart-wrenching and challenging for both you and your canine pal. Did you know the adult board and train programs in Winchester, VI, specialize in taking care of adult dogs and puppies? A pooch forced to ensure long days without appropriate attention and care can experience quite a bit of stress.

You may choose to hire someone to walk your dog or dogs. However, they cannot provide the services offered at doggie daycare or dog training facilities. Do you want your dog to learn how to socialize with other dogs? Do you want them to enjoy the benefits of playtime, learning, frequent exercise, good food, and plenty of stimulation? If so, visit Ridgeside K9 LLC at our facilities in Winchester, Virginia.

If you want to let off some steam and have fun during the weekend, we will board and train your furry friend to give you some time away from daily pressures and activities. As one of the most reputable pup and adult dog board and train facilities in the Winchester location, we do everything possible to give your dog the best doggie daycare experience possible.


At Ridgeside K9 LLC, we specialize in one-on-one and group training. No matter the age of your dog, they can benefit from learning some basic commands. Our expert trainers can also teach you the basics of training your canine companion. However, if you are looking for a more advanced training program, working with skilled and experienced dog trainers is best.

How Do Dogs Learn Different Behaviors?

When it comes to helping a puppy or adult dog learn new behaviors, according to dog training professionals, a reward-based training program can produce amazing results. When your puppy or adult dog exhibits positive skills or behaviors, reward them with their favorite food, praise, or toy. This will make it more likely for them to do it again.

Other Adult Dog and Puppy Programs we Offer at Ridgeside K9.

Adopting a dog can lead to years of affection, joy, love, and laughter for you and your family. This is why many people treat their dogs like their own kids. However, like any child, dogs, no matter their age, need lots of supervision, direction, and discipline. This is why investing in a dog training program can be such a smart move. Some of the other services we offer designed to provide proven results include:

  • An advanced obedience program.
  • A board and train program to teach behavior modification and advanced off-leash obedience.
  • Therapy dog training.
  • Behavior modification for reactivity or aggression problems.
  • Socialization, crate training, obedience training for your pup, and more.

Weekend Dog Training Programs in the Winchester Location

It is important to set up your canine companion for a lifetime of success. Working mainly with pets in Winchester, provide pets with an exceptional level of obedience training. This allows pet owners to bring their pets anywhere with them, hassle-free. At the end of our weekend dog training programs, you can expect distraction-proof, off-leash obedience.

We take special pride in seeing a dog that has been on a leash most of its life or had behavior issues, now being completely obedient and off-leash. Few things feel better than seeing the joy in both the owner’s and dog’s faces when the pooch masters a new command without the constraints of a training collar. We will endeavor to help your furry friend have the same obedience level as a military or police working dog during the weekend classes.

For more information, visit the Ridgeside K9, LLC at our facilities in Winchester, Virginia. Contact us on (540)270-7132 today.  We offer a wide range of lessons and dog training services. These include enrichment activities, puppy training, group classes, dog daycare, positive reinforcement, and other programs that will fit your schedule.  Our training lessons aim to foster good behavior and a stronger bond with your four-legged pal.