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Things to Consider Before Bringing a Dog Home

Thinking about getting your first pet dog?

As exciting as the idea of bringing a new furry friend home may be, there’s a lot to consider before you actually get one, especially if this is your first pet/dog because you’re likely to be unaware of all that comes with it. Having a dog is a lot like having a child at home. It comes with a lot of responsibility and challenges.

Here are some of the most important things you should consider before getting your first dog:

· Your Lifestyle

First things first – does your lifestyle has room for a dog? Most of us now have such active and busy lifestyles that we’re almost always on the go. If you’re someone who’s hardly home or only comes home to sleep, you should not get a dog (or any pet per se). They are not tools for your weekend entertainment; they are living beings with their own unique needs. They need your time, love, and care, and if your lifestyle doesn’t permit you to meet their needs regularly, without fail, do not get a pet (pretty please!)

· The Breed

Many (if not most) of us choose dogs based on how they look (or how cute we find them). However, this is an entirely wrong approach. Different dog breeds have different personalities and requirements. For example, some are highly energetic whereas others are lazy, some need a lot of attention while others can live happily on their own, some are good with kids and people in general whereas some breeds are too aggressive.

Before you go out to buy a dog, do proper research on the breed and learn about their personality, temperament, general behavioral characteristics, and all the other factors that could potentially hamper the relationship between you two. These may include their dietary and play needs. Make sure you can meet all the requirements of the dog you’re planning to get and his behavior or temperament won’t be a problem for you to deal with. For example, if you’re getting a highly energetic dog breed, make sure you can take out for daily walks. Similarly, if you have children at home, getting an aggressive dog breed may not be a good idea.

New pet

· The Finances

Pets depend on us humans for all their needs. When you bring a pup home, you not only need to provide them with good food, but are also responsible for taking care of their health, safety, and happiness. This primarily involves getting various dog supplies, [refer to the Dog Supplies Checklist for New Pet Owners to find out what items you’ll need] puppy proofing your home, and regular visits to veterinarian. In addition to this, you may also need to hire a dog trainer.

All these things require money. Make sure you can afford to bear all these dog expenses before you bring one home.

The Final Word

Getting a dog is a long-term commitment. Make sure your decision is not an impulsive one and you’re ready for about 10 to 13 years of commitment, which is the average life expectancy of dogs. There are already too many abandoned dogs out there, so think well before you bring a dog home.



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