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3 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs to Attend An Off-Leash Training Class

Training plays a critical part in a dog’s development. It improves a dog’s ability to interact safely with its environment. It allows for interactions with other dogs, people, wild animals, and nature. An obedient dog will avoid harming itself and others.

Off-leash training is a specially designed program that allows dogs to run freely. Even if your dog always shadows you, there are times something can catch their attention or scare them. Off-leash training will help you and your dog learn how to handle these situations.

Off-Leash Training Helps With Adherence To Leash Laws

It is necessary to understand the laws and ordinances that govern dog ownership in your state. Many states have state-wide laws on the owner’s responsibilities in controlling their dog. They refer to these as leash laws. In Virginia, there are no state-wide leash laws. However, the law empowers localities to apply rules that require dog owners to have their dogs under immediate control. Immediate control means on a leash or under voice control. The need for this is where off-leash dog training comes in handy.

It allows you to keep your dog in immediate control using verbal commands. It also means you will have to build a reliable recall. The foundation of building a reliable recall is training off-leash. Do this as often as possible, not just at the dog park but also at home. Get to know what easily distracts your dog. Come up with high-level distraction proofing exercises. It will help you properly control your dog, keeping it and others safe.

Off-Leash Dog Training Gives Your Dog Freedom

In recent times, off-leash dog training has become a very popular program. More and more dog trainers and owners are employing this training has great mental, physical, and even emotional benefits to the dog and the owner.

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It allows freedom so the dog can run, explore, sniff and play. This running provides mental and physical exercise, keeping the dogs healthy and happy. They also learn how to respond when you call. The response ensures that they are safe and do not harm others. However, some people use a leash when training. They worry that their dogs will run and get lost or hurt, especially if the dog drags during the daily walk.

For your dog to learn when off-leash, train without the help of a leash whenever possible. It helps to establish proper communication. When using a leash, you may unintentionally apply pressure on the leash. The pressure communicates to your dog. As soon as they are off-leash, communication falls apart. They act like they have forgotten all their training.

Dog Obedience Training Helps Build A Solid Foundation

All aspects of off-leash training fall back on the obedience foundation set. However, as a dog owner, understand that even basic obedience training is never as basic as many believe. It is important to take your dog to a professional trainer so they can get proper training. Proper training leads to a solid foundation.

As with all things, a good foundation is important. It creates a good structure. However, if the foundation is weak, it will fail no matter how wonderful the structure is. Training ensures you and your dog can fall back on obedience when in real-world situations. There are different dog obedience training packages you can choose from.

Dog Obedience Training Packages

The professional trainer will take your dog through the basic obedience curriculum. The curriculum will depend on whether your dog is a puppy or an older dog. A new pup will go through puppy training. You can pick other packages for your older dog. It also depends on what you want to deal with or what you want them to be able to do. Most off-leash dog trainers offer numerous advanced lessons to help your dog become better and better.

So what do the different packages have to offer? Within every package are other multiple reasons why a solid foundation is important.

Puppy Training

Puppy training is a mix of fun training games and teaching the puppy what they should do. It involves crate training, potty training, housebreaking, proper play, and other basics.

Crate training takes advantage of a dog’s instinct to seek quiet, safe and comfortable spaces. It is also where they will go when things are overwhelming and go to sleep. At some point, the puppy will want to relieve itself. That brings in the part of potty training, which is also necessary.

Basic Obedience Starter Pack

Trainers offer a pack including an e-collar and a 20-foot leash. These will help you even as you train your dog to be off-leash. An e-collar is an electric training aid. It consists of a wireless receiver in the collar and a wireless remote that the human trainer carries. The e-collar comes with a two-year warranty.

An e-collar helps to teach dogs the difference between good and bad behavior. They do this by sending feedback to the dog through physical signals. The relay of physical signals is through the e-collar. Though it is a divisive issue in the world of dog training, an e-collar is very safe. They do not use shock therapy but rather pulsating wave sensation.

Basic Obedience Package

The basic obedience package covers loose leash walking and everyday obedience. Everyday obedience covers the basic commands. They include come, sit, and extended sit, down, extended down place, and extended place. Loose leash walking will allow your dog to explore while on a loose leash. It also provides a bit of freedom but not as much as when a dog is off-leash.

Advanced Obedience Package

Your dog has to finish the basic training before this. There are numerous advanced lessons. From extended distance obedience, stand command, watch command, heal command, and touch command.

Dog Aggression Training

Dog aggression training for dogs that have issues with dog reactivity and dog aggression. It also helps dogs that go over the top when other dogs are around. It will give you and your dog the tools and skills to deal with this situation. It also instills obedience and desensitization so that you are back in control.

Therapy Dog Development Program

If you want your dog to become a therapy pet, then this is the course for you. You also find that some professional trainers are certified pet evaluators. Therefore, after going through the program, your dog will receive therapy dog certification.

All the above pieces of training ensure that your dog has a good foundation. It will also allow them to live a full, happy, healthy, and confident life. They will be able to socialize with other dogs and people without harming themselves or others.

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